Welcome to the site of Michael Biehl, creator of the Karen Hayes secret books DOCTORED EVIDENCE and LAWYERED TO DEATH. Here you will track down portions from the two books, audits, and connections to other secret sites.

In DOCTORED EVIDENCE a clinical gadget falls flat, and the patient kicks the bucket on the surgical table. Was it a mishap? Or on the other hand murder?

Just a single individual knows. Also, it’s not medical clinic lawyer Karen Hayes. Examining the supposed improper passing of the clinic’s own CFO, Karen reveals a disloyalty of trust, both expert and individual, proof of criminal misrepresentation, and traces of debasement. Presently her work – and her life- – are on the line. A line that a killer is all around able to cross…a second time.

“An attorney acquainted with emergency clinics and the sort of extortion that costs the citizen $100 billion dollars every year, Biehl knows how to utilize his insider’s information to tell an immersing, well-paced story, with tenable and drawing in characters. This nerve racking uncover of clinical extortion will chill as well as incense.” – – Publisher’s Weekly

“This should raise the pulse of Grisham and Robin Cook fans.” – – Booklist

“This is excellent perusing, and sufficiently conceivable to be really terrifying!” – – Mystery News

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Write Your First Ever Novel with Michael Biehl

Beginning a novel interestingly can be overwhelming, yet assuming that you have these components set up before you draft your initial line, you’ll lay out the groundwork for yourself.

Choose the words

Your original will require your readers to submerge themselves in a particular world for the hours that they spend perusing. All the more significantly, it will require you, the creator, to drench yourself for weeks, months, and even a long time in this world. Pick a setting and a time-frame that intrigues you and keeps you locked in. Have more than one setting? That is OK, as well, however don’t misjudge the worth of straightforwardness with regards to narrating, and don’t overstuff your novel with area changes.

Observe a story thought inside this world

 Books are something beyond a progression of settings and time-frames. They should be driven by a Books are something beyond a progression of settings and time-frames. Settings can be modern, classic, medieval, renaissance, or even rustic with trees and woodlands. They should be driven by a story that stays convincing all through its start, center, and end. So, conclude everything that story you need to say and be certain it can support an entire book. On the off chance that you figure it may not hold a reader’s advantage for a very long-time pages, consider adjusting your work into a brief tale all things being equal.

Gather a cast of characters

Since you have a world and a story, sort out who the critical figures in this story are. Your fundamental person is clearly the most significant among these. A solid principal character will have a rich and nitty gritty life that you, as the creator, will know about-from individual origin story to character attributes to most prominent victories and disappointments. The more you comprehend your characters, the more you should say about them to a crowd of people.

Plan your completion

You might not have arranged the start or center of your novel yet, yet think ahead to a reader’s insight. The piece of your clever that will wait with them most will probably be the consummation. Ensure you’re giving them an awesome one, whether you’re attempting to compose a top-rated thrill ride or an agonizing, character-driven work of artistic fiction. From your viewpoint as an essayist, having an unmistakable consummation set up may assist you with building a story and set of characters that all head toward that finishing how are you going to get to this finishing you’ve arranged?

Break the story into acts

Since it has become so undeniably obvious where your story is going, now is the right time to figure out your account by breaking it into acts. Exemplary stories follow a three-act structure, with each act finishing on a huge second in the general plot. Assuming you pace your account to grow dynamically all through the novel, you’ll wind up with a book that is reliably great from start to finish.

Begin composing before you experience some kind of hysteria

Arranging is incredible fundamental even-however don’t allow excessively fastidious wanting to keep you from the job needing to be done, which is really composing your book. The principal draft of your first section might be awful, and it might turn out to be absolutely changed whenever you’re done, yet it’s critical to make a plunge before you’re incapacitated by re-thinking.