Lawyered to death

Lawyered To Death

Book Summary

By Michael Bhiel

A legal-procedural-cum-secret highlighting a lewd behavior trick connected to kill at a Midwest emergency clinic.

First-time mother Karen Hayes gets back to her occupation as in-house lawful insight for Shoreview Memorial Hospital with blended feelings and without her standard serious spotlight on work. Her better half Jake, a laid-back jazz artist, isn’t ending up the most faithful stay-at-home dad for their child McKinley, who’s named after a blues incredible.

In this way, following 14 agreeable years at Shoreview, Karen thinks about joining a flourishing private practice, where she’ll have more regard, backing and cash. Interim, Shoreview faces a desperate legitimate emergency: the demise of patient Lorraine Winslow, clearly an instance of clinical carelessness.

The going to specialist neglected to take note of Lorraine’s sensitivities or potentially incidentally eliminated her clinical arm band. Convoluting matters is the way that Lorraine’s better half Arthur is Shoreview’s CEO. Convoluting them further is Arthur’s suggestion in a current lewd behavior case (i.e., trick) designed by hard-drinking Hiaasenesque loser Duane Billick and completed by his perfect however not extremely willing spouse Shari.

Karen goes investigator to unwind the muddled crook go head-to-head with assistance from Jake and her dad Gene, in critical condition however animated by playing Watson to his girl’s Holmes.

In her sophomore series section, Biehl (Doctored Evidence, 2002) offers a fluffy and now and again unrealistic secret yet extends the representation of his courageous woman and her requesting life. This book will keep you turning pages. Before you go painting your room or making some renovations, make sure you have finished this book first. Otherwise, your craving to turn to the next page will only bother your work.